Mobile Hunters Expo Northern Show at Kalamazoo County Expo Center in Kalamazoo, Michigan

I had a blast at Mobile Hunters EXPO in Kalamazoo with great friends on Saturday, July 29th.

If you’re a female and interested in getting into saddle hunting, do it!

This was my experience at the expo:

At the gate, the gentleman definitely thought I was only there for my husband and not myself. I didn’t take offense though and carried on exploring the various vendors.

I’d been thinking about getting a saddle for awhile, but with so many options - I wasn’t sure where to start. Best part about the mobile hunters expo was I had the opportunity to try on different ones and find the best fit for me.

The first one I tried on was Trophyline Venatic. It was so damn comfortable and lightweight. I knew right away it was going to be a hard one to beat.

After going around and trying on all of the other different brands and styles that were available, I found myself back at the Trophy Line Venatic - I knew it was the one. Rob and his crew over at Trophy Line were nothing short of amazing at showing me their different saddles along with some great tips and tricks. Along with their personal gear set ups. If you’re in the Kalamazoo area (or traveling to) and go to the expo, be sure to check them out! Kruizenga Archery

I purchased the Venatic saddle kit, Novix Outdoors double step mini climbing sticks, the Onyx platform and the Palisade eva pack - perfect for those who hunt and film themselves and others! I’ve never been more excited for a hunting season. #hangwiththebest

I’ll be documenting my adventures so feel free to give a follow on my Instagram and Facebook for my honest, on-the-go reviews this season!

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Michigan Stores I know and trust that carry Trophy Line