The "looking natural" pose

"Look natural!" is the single most heard phrase before tensing up. We all want our family photos to look as natural and easy-going as possible. So today let's take a look at a collection of tips and ideas, that will help you loosen up and enjoy this precious process:

1 Let go of all expectations

Letting go will take some pressure off and help you relax and enjoy this occasion. Remember - the perfect family portrait may be different than the one you have in your mind! Relax & have fun.

2 Why so serious?

Remember to be silly, play, laugh and let go. Make your family photo session a fun event, something to look forward to.

3 Focus on yourself

It’s a common mistake to focus on getting everyone else looking perfect. Focus on looking your best yourself and leave everyone else to me.

4 Keep it moving!

Moving between shots is actually the best way to create authentic and candid images. Even supermodels move between their shots!

5 Remember to breathe

t's obvious, but oh so easily forgotten. Deep breaths will help you calm your nerves and slow your heart rate!