Vizslador Puppies

Born: 10/23/2023



Ready to go home with you as early as Dec. 23rd

2 Blonde/Cream, 2 Black & 3 Golden/Red

The Vizsla Lab mix or Vizslador is an intelligent dog with a strong history in field sports. These gorgeous pups can make great family pets for active homes, and a dedicated hunting companion. They have a strong need to be together. If you have the time and patience for positive reinforcement training and a sport like agility, their kind, friendly and eager to please temperament is incredibly rewarding.


The Labrador had its origins in Newfoundland, Canada. Fishermen took these dogs on boats with them to help haul in their catch. Today they are also used extensively as service dogs, law enforcement and military dogs, as well as hunting companions.


The Vizsla has a long history, and in ancient times it was used to hunt Falcons. They are still popular working dogs today, and are even used by the Transport Security Administration for search and rescue operations, and can also be a seeing-eye dog.


Although they are a mixed breed, the Vizsla Lab mix has a fairly consistent appearance. They have floppy ears, long legs, barrel chests and an alert expression. They tend to be more likely to have orange or chocolate coats rather than the rare black or yellow from the Labrador side of the family.

They love to work and with their unique mixed breed, they are phenomenal hunting dogs. If you are an active, outdoors person/family, they would love to join in on your adventures. Their hunting background belies just how soft natured and sensitive they are. It could be said they need just as many cuddles as they need hours of exercise! Don’t be surprised if your pup becomes your canine-shaped shadow as you go about your business at home.

Bridger (Mom) & Blue (Dad)



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1st Born - JEB - Red Collar, Black*rare*, Male
2nd Born - CHUBS - Blue Collar, Golden/Red, Male
3rd Born - SPARKY - Hunter Green Collar, Blonde/Cream, Male
4th Born - SANDY - Purple Collar, Golden/Red, Female
5th Born - DAISY - Pink Collar, Blonde/Cream, Female
6th Born - REX - Lime Green Collar, Black*rare*, Male
7th Born - BRIAN - Black Collar, Golden/Red, Male