I am looking to grow a team of wonderful creatives who share a passion for capturing moments as much as I do.


Britani Dostal Photography is an established, high quality, creative photography and videography company based on the Western Michigan Lakeshore. My main focus is photographing (and filming) weddings, as well as graduating seniors, families and the great outdoors. I, 110% believe in teamwork & on most assignments, I'd like to bring a partner in crime to help out.


You’d be the Robin to my Batman, the Luigi to my Mario, the Tails to my Sonic, the – okay, you get it 😂.

As a Photographic Assistant, I'd prefer folks who come and provide the helping hands that make the images (and films) possible. Whether it’s focusing and directing camera lighting, changing lenses on cameras, or just helping maneuver equipment around on a wedding day – I just need handy and attentive folks who are ready to help out and have fun.


I do NOT expect my Photographic Assistants to come in the door being super knowledgeable about photography or lighting (although, it’s a plus if you are!) – rather, I believe in training you as we go. Because the job isn’t about you actually being the photographer, you’ll have lots of opportunities to observe as we work. You’ll learn lots as we produce – I'd love to share in the knowledge as we shoot. If you’re the type of person that is interested in photography, expect to learn quite a bit.


One of the cool things about this job is that I'll offer you dates and assignments that you are free to accept or decline. Want to make a ton of extra money? Sweet – I can help you with that. Want to work only one or two days a month? Not a problem. I do insist that you keep your commitment to an event that you accepted – but you are free to accept as many or as little as you’d like.


There is no pressure for you to produce photographic work on a wedding day – rather I ask you to assist in a team effort of creation. Under my leadership and direction, I just ask you to be there with a helping hand and a good attitude. A majority of assistants stick around from year to year, because they enjoy the fun of what our photographic shoots become.


A majority of the weddings and photography/videography assignments are in Michigan's Lower Peninsula, as well as Ohio, Illinois and Indiana, so applicants based nearby their major metropolitan areas are highly encouraged to apply.


Most of my photographic assignments are in fact weddings – so as a Photographic Assistant, you should expect to have most of your work be on Saturdays – with a Sunday or Friday here and there. REMEMBER – you do not need to work every Saturday (unless you want to make bank!) – you are free to only accept the event dates you’d like to based on what we have available.


I am looking for fun people, that have a strong sense of responsibility, are fun to be around, and have good energy to make it through longer shoot days. This is a contract / freelance position. Contract position means that I pay per wedding a set rate based on your experience. Pay is by the event or wedding (not the hour) – and I'll offer a set rate for you. This rate will be negotiated after you are offered a job, not prior to or during the application process – but I pay fair and well. You are 100% free to have other commitments – another job, being a student- anything that suits you!


  • You are a responsible person – able to keep your commitments and show up on time
  • You have reliable transportation
  • You are in good physical shape – many events are full day wedding days
  • You’re a good and consistent communicator – I need people who can communicate well
  • You are kind, well-likeable, and have a professional demeanor
  • You are easy to get ahold of – via either phone or email


To apply – all you need to do is fill out the application form below. Once you've completed it, click "Submit Application" and it will be sent directly to me. If I like what I see and read – I'll contact you – simple as that.

Due to the volume of applicants I expect to receive, I cannot respond to every single one.

If I don’t respond to you, just know – I Sincerely Appreciate Your Application – but am not interested at this time.

If you have any questions – I'd love to answer… and I am anxious to hear from you!