"Dear Clients,

Recognizing the ongoing and increased uncertainty that coronavirus (COVID-19) is causing not only in our great state of Michigan, but also all around the world, my highest priority is the health and well-being of not only myself and my family, but also you and yours as well. With that in mind, I wanted to update on the actions I’ll be taking in response to the outbreak.

Bookings currently scheduled between March 17th, 2020 and May 15th, 2020 are postponed. 

Supporting your Contract

I know flexibility in dates isn’t easily achievable as most of you are wedding clients and already have specific dates contracted in with Britani Dostal Photography. However, those of you booked between March 17th, 2020 and May 15th, 2020 — I am waiving cancellation requirements and will allow for refunds without a formal written notice. Although, you must cancel within a respected timely manner. You may find more refund information via your contract.

For bookings beyond May 15th, 2020 — I am being flexible with rescheduling, payment deadlines and package changes which allow for you to amend your wedding plans with Britani Dostal Photography as necessary. However, again, you must contact me with any updated changes in a respected timely manner. Postponing your date may result in calendar availability frictions as I do have other contracted obligations, but there is no fee for making these changes. If due to the uncertainty of this outbreak, you decide to cancel your booking, I will require a written cancellation letter within 60 days prior to your wedding date per your contract. 

I hope this helps you to continue planning accordingly with confidence. 

I’d like to thank you for your trust and support in Britani Dostal Photography and I continue to look forward to capturing all of your special occasions this year!"

— Britani Dostal, [Owner and CEO of Britani Dostal Photography]

Rescheduling Requests

If due to the uncertainty of this outbreak, you decide to postpone your booking, I will be accommodating date change requests without a fee.

You may submit your reschedule request using the attached form.

However, as I mentioned above, postponing your date may result in calendar availability frictions so I cannot make any promises that your newly requested date will be available, but I am more than willing to work with you through this trying and stressful time. We will roll with the punches as they come. We will make lemonade with the corona lemons that get thrown our way. Well — Oh, you get the picture. (Lol).

Payment Deadline Adjustments

Only available for bookings between May 16, 2020 and August 01, 2020.

Per your contract, remaining balances are due to be paid-in-full 30 days prior to your scheduled booking.

However, due to the uncertainty of this outbreak, I recognize and 110% understand that, that may be easier said than done seeing as we don't know the underlying circumstances this outbreak will cause for everyone. Especially, those of us with families. So, I'll be waiving the current balance deadline of 30 days prior to allow for those of you affected to pay your balance after your scheduled booking. Although, payment will need to be made before gallery information will be handed over. I.e. I will come capture your wedding as communicated and contracted, however, you will not receive your photos and/or films until your balance has been paid-in-full.

To take part in the extended payment program use the attached form.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Remaining balance deadlines are contract extended, but remaining balance must be paid-in-full before delivery of Photos and/or Film(s).

Package Amendments

If due to the uncertainty of this outbreak, you decide you need to tighten your budget and cut some of your costs, or whatever it is you may need to do that in return translates into making amendments to your booking, I will be allowing for those requests to be made.

You may submit your package amendment requests using the attached form.

What do I mean by a Package Amendment Request? I.e.

  • You booked the Willow Wedding Package that includes an engagement session that you haven't scheduled yet. Instead of going forth with your engagement session, you decide to save $525 by removing the engagement session from your package.
  • You booked the Oak Wedding Package that includes 10 hours of wedding day coverage. You decide you only need about 8 hours of coverage so by removing those 2 additional hours, you just saved yourself $300.
  • Your venue informed you that they will be temporarily shutdown so you have to find another venue. Your new venue ends up being 50 miles closer to Britani Dostal Photography's location which drops her travel time to under 2.5 hrs. This means your accommodation fee has been removed and your travel fee has been reduced saving you an estimated $250.

Cancellation Notification

If due to the uncertainty of this outbreak, you decide to cancel your booking, I will be accepting cancellations per your contracted terms and conditions. You may find more information along with your terms and conditions located in your contract.

You may submit your cancellation notification using the attached form.